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Environ Skin Analysis

Every three months at Enzo's we have a beauty day and for that day only we offer four promotions; free Environ skin analysis, free Jane Iredale makeovers, 50% off manicures and 20% off all beauty products. The aim of our beauty days are to give you the chance to ask questions about our beauty treatments, get to know the products we use in salon and gain more knowledge on how to improve your skincare routine.

Our favourite part of these special days is the Environ skin analysis appointments. Anisa is our lovely skin expert from the iiaa (International Institute for Anti-Ageing), she will provide a 45 minute skin analysis or 30 minute for clients that have returned for an updated skin analysis.

During these appointments Anisa will use advanced skin analysis technology to look at problem areas below the surface of your skin, these areas are often forgotten about as we tend to focus on the skin that we can see when the cause of the problem quite often lie in the deeper layers of skin. The skin analysis machine will take a picture of your skin and identify any concerns such as dehydration, uneven texture, redness, congestion, etc. Anisa will go through your current skincare routine and then guide you towards improvements that you can make to your routine to help with your skin concerns. We would then recommend to have another skin analysis three or six months later so that you can track you skin improvements.

These are two pictures which have both been taken during a skin analysis session with Anisa, here you can see the most amazing results from using an Environ Vitamin A moisturiser for just 7 months! The picture above was the first to be taken and below is from a skin analysis re scan. If you were to look at yourself every day in the mirror you don't often see theses changes as they happen slowly, if you look at two pictures side by side this if when you can appreciate the dramatic changes that you can have when improving your skincare routine ever so slightly. If you have been for a skin analysis before, book in for a free 30 minute re scan.

After your skin analysis appointment you are given the chance to have a free Jane Iredale makeover so that you can try the pure, mineral makeup. We will colour match your skin to the perfect foundation shade and coverage for your skin and throughout the makeover we shall show and tell you what products we use and why so you can gain some knowledge on this amazing makeup. Our aim is to let you leave the salon with a gorgeous natural makeover and full of new information or if you don't wear makeup then treat yourself to a Vinylux or Shellac manicure for 50% off!

Our next beauty day is Friday 6th March, to book either a skin analysis, makeover or a manicure, call us on 01258 473123 or pop by on the day to take advantage of our discount on all beauty products.

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