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Environ Step-Up System & Vitamin A

Be prepared for a scientific and educational blog, I'll keep it simple but interesting. For those of you who dream about healthy and younger looking skin then this should hopefully be fascinating for you so I'm sharing this so that we can all receive the benefits of Vitamin A.

The easiest way to put it is that our skin has a life. Vitamin A is the oxygen our skin needs to stay healthy, without it our skin could have a deficiency and may suffer from pigmentation, sun damage, ageing, skin cancer and many other skin abnormalities. To combat a deficiency of Vitamin A in the skin you have to replenish your skin cells daily with a topical vitamin cream. I have been using Environ Skincare for a year and a half now, morning and evening. My skin looks and feels so much more healthy so I would highly recommend using Vitamin A creams, especially if you want results and there is science behind the skincare to prove it really works!

Dr Des Fernandes, the founder and scientific director of Environ, was the first to use Vitamin A in high enough doses to counteract the affects of ageing, stress and pollution on the skin. If you are a lover for skin, science and reading then the Vitamin A Skin Science book by Dr Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen would be an amazing read, they go into more detail about the magical affects of Vitamin A on the skin. We also have the book in the salon so feel free to have a quick read when waiting for and appointment or while having your hair done! Dr Des knew Vitamin A was the key to healthy and youthful looking skin and that is why it is the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ philosophy. Environ was also the first to make a skincare step-up system.

Environ combined the best of what science and cutting edge technology has to offer to set up the Step-Up System, that was created to help the skin become comfortable with the increased levels of Vitamin A being applied to it. The Environ moisturiser contain the increasing levels of Vitamins and antioxidants to make a lasting difference to the appearance of the skin. You start off with the moisturiser with the lowest levels of Vitamins and use 2-3 bottle until your skin if completely comfortable and then proceed onto the next level. Through this exciting journey you'll notice your skin looking smoother, younger and more radiant.

Start low, go slow and come and have a consultation with myself to find out more information about the Environ products to achieve healthy and younger looking skin.

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