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Simple Steps to Avoid Face Mask Breakouts!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Usually when leaving the house we always have a check list in our head, 'have I got me keys, wallet, phone?' but now we have an extra item on that list. Face mask! We are wearing face coverings more than ever and I have had many people come to me with the same issue, spots. I aim to help many of you with this problem throughout this blog and hopefully we can forget about face mask breakouts.

First on my list is cleansing. Cleansing is a massive part of you skincare routine, it's important to do this morning AND evening, there are many reasons why... The main reason is that it removes dirt, makeup and excess oil from your skin, if you weren't to do this then your pores are more likely to become clogged, leading to blackheads and breakouts. When you get home at the end of a day, head straight for the face wash, if wearing makeup you'll want to cleanse twice, remove the face wash using a flannel and warm water. Please do not use face wipes as some of the ingredients are too harsh for our skin which will cause other skin problems, steer clear and find a good face wash! Our most popular is the Environ Low Foam Cleansing Gel but to remove makeup and especially waterproof eye makeup I would recommend our Pre Cleansing Oil. This simple step will prevent many unwanted spots, make sure you do it!

Moisturise! There are many benefits to using Environs Vitamin A moisturiser, it normalises, repairs and of course hydrates our skin. Vitamin A will help massively to improve the appearance of your skin and when you find yourself breaking out in spots then this is your answer. Environ use a step-up system, you'll start on the moisturiser level 1 and slowly build up the Vitamin A and gradually step up through the levels. If you suffer, not just with face mask spots but with acne, then our Clarity+ range will be the best for you. Sebu-ACE oil combined with Sebu-Lac Lotion is scientifically formulated with vital vitamins A, C and E which help to control breakouts and also leaves you skin looking and feeling healthier and smoother.

Now this may be the MOST important step to clearer skin... If you wear make-up I would advise that you use a brand that is a pure mineral. We stock Jane Iredale, a mineral make-up, they use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure their products, not only performs at its best but that it is also good for our skin. When using a high quality brand like this, you will not experience blocked pores or sensitivity so when wearing a face mask while wearing make-up you will less likely end up with spots. Drugstore make-up brands often use ingredients such as talc and fillers which will cause blocked pores, you MUST do your research on your make-up brand so that you know exactly what you are applying to you skin.

There are also other products you can add to your skincare routine to rid your skin of breakouts. Our Environ Clarity+ range offer an amazing masque that you can use for just 10 minutes, twice a week to control the appearance of breakouts and blackheads leaving your skin visibly clearer. You may also want to add Accumax, this is a supplement that works from the inside to nourish every layer of your skin, especially targeting acne.

I hope that you have learnt a thing or two and that this information has been useful. For more information on anything mentioned in this blog you can contact us through social medias, email, call or you can pop into the salon to speak with our fully qualified Beauty Therapists.

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