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What is Skincare?

There are many different types of skincare, which we will get into shortly, but let me start off answering the question why we use it. Our skin is our biggest organ and one of the main functions is protection against harmful pollutants and UV light. But this can take its toll on the condition of our skin so it's important that you look after it. The damage caused by these free radicals can cause many symptoms such as premature ageing, dehydration, sensitivity and much more but there are many ways you can prevent this. The steps that we like to take for healthy and beautiful skin is a simple FEED, FORTIFY, FINISH approach.

Feeding your skin from within plays a massive roll in skincare and one of the easiest ways to treat the whole skin, it's also amazing for your overall health. It's so quick, all you have to do is take your supplements with a meal and let your body do the rest! We use a brand called Advanced Nutrition Programme which is a range of supplements and they use only the highest quality ingredients which your body can easily absorb. You can get many skin benefits from taking supplements, depending on which one you take, from hydration to antioxidant protection to building healthy skin cells. All of which will protect and maintain you skin condition.

The second step is to fortify which involves topical application of vitamin creams. Dr Des Fernandes, the pioneer of Environ Skincare, was the first to introduce Vitamin A in high enough doses to help counteract the harmful effect of the environment. We believe that Vitamin A is the oxygen our skin needs to look beautiful and healthy for life. Environ uses a step-up system for our skin to become accustomed to the extra vitamins and gradually increase the levels so you continue to have healthier skin. You should be cleanse, tone and moisturising twice a day. Cleansing to remove excess oils, make-up and other impurities. Toning, depending on the toner, can improve skin tone, hydrate, mildly exfoliate or can even assist penetration of Vitamin A. Moisturising to most importantly replace Vitamin A but also hydrates, normalises, repairs and much more.

I personally think the most important stage is to finish, you need to be applying SPF every single day of the year. The effects of sun damage can be so dangerous and if you don't protect yourself from it you could be at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. One of the most common effects of sun damage is pigmentation and also one of the hardest things to tackle so another good reason to protect your skin! One of the easiest ways of adding SPF to your skincare routine is through make-up. Jane Iredale make-up is a high quality mineral make-up, great for sensitive skins as all the products are so natural. Most of the products have UVA and UVB protection which make them great for protecting your skin. If I'm not using Jane Iredale then I'll make sure I'm wearing Environ RAD suncreen, I take all precautions I can so that my skin can stay healthier for longer.

Your skincare routine can involve many different things but I would suggest that supplements, topical application of vitamins creams and sun protection are a must and the most important! I do all three steps and have been for over a year now and the results I've had have been AMAZING and I would love to help others with their skin too. If you don't have a skincare routine, you are missing out on healthy, beautiful skin, so why wouldn't you do it?

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