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Why Take Supplements?

Our bodies require a certain amount of nutrients in order to stay healthy and work as well as they can. There are guidelines that are out there for us to follow to ensure we take the right amount of nutrients, I’m sure most of you have heard about RDA’s (Recommended Daily Amount) but maybe not so many have heard of ODA’s (Optimum Daily Amount).

The RDA is supposed to be sufficient to protect the body against diseases and other symptoms you may find when you lack nutrients, however these guidelines do no take individuals needs into consideration. They are low amounts that are more practical and easier for the population to follow and they do not even exist for a number of nutrients that the body needs. The ODA guidelines give you the best possible intake of nutrients that your body needs but the amounts can vary depending on the individual. ODA’s can be calculated through symptom analysis, lifestyle analysis and dietary analysis. Symptoms such as illness, lack of energy, easy bruising, poor dream recall and more show which nutrients your LACKING. The lifestyle you have (exercise, stress, pollution) show which nutrients you NEED. Your diet is compared to optimal levels of nutrients and then takes into consideration your consumption of substances that rob the body of nutrients.

A great way to consume the right amount of nutrients can be by taking supplements as they contain high amounts of nutrients in a small capsule making it easier to reach the ODA. While I say it's good to take them that doesn’t mean you can forget about a healthy diet because sugars, processed food, smoking and alcohol are some factors that rob your bodies of nutrients. On the other hand, having a balanced diet doesn’t necessarily mean your body will intake the right amounts of nutrients.

Here is an example of RDA and ODA and the realisation of being able to get the right amount for your body. The ODA of Vitamin C is 2,000 mg to receive an optimal immune system, keep bones, skin and joints strong and even protects against cancer. An orange contains about 30mg meaning you’d need to eat 67 a day to receive optimum nutrition which is massively unrealistic! Supplements containing Vitamin C range from 800mg - 2,800mg. The RDA is a lousy 60mg and that isn’t enough for our bodies to stay as healthy as they could be, it is a low guideline that has been put in place because it easy and realistic to follow.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme is the brand of supplements we provide in salon, it mostly focuses on skin but it also has a wellbeing range. For many of us, we may at some point experience problems with our skin such as premature ageing, acne or sensitivity. Most of the time it could be down to a vitamin deficiency. Supplementing is a great way to medicate these symptoms and it is also amazing because it treats the whole of your skin!

For more information on our Advanced Nutrition Programme range feel free to call on 01258 473123, email or get in touch over our social medias.

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